Family is blessing

I am starting this book ‘The secret of the Nagas’ by Amish Tripathy, which is filled with amazing descriptions of Hindu mythology and read this on the first page. So inspiring. Want to share this so that we can always know the true value of loved ones in our life.

I am blessed with not one but two lovely families, one my parent’s and another my in law’s. I can count on them anytime with any problem and they will be there with perfect solutions. I remember one night before my exams I had panic attack, because that was the semester in which I had to score 90% to get a good internship, and then I called my mom and she just talked and all the worries went away. The fact that she is there to pray for me ease out all my worries.

When I was preparing for engineering exams I started giving practice tests and my scores were not coming good. One day I cried and my father came to me and said: ‘an ant learn to climb a wall after falling thousand times’. I still remember that reference and whenever I fail in something I tell myself that.

So be grateful and happy that we are blessed with a family.


Broken- such a small word but has great impact. I hope everyone at some point of their life had experienced broken relations, broken heart or broken dream. From this you will learn how to heal, like you heal from physical injuries. Just because something is not working out that doesn’t mean your life is pathetic, that means universe has something better plan for you.

Let me share my story. After graduating from college my father found a guy and wanted me to marry him. I asked my father for 2 years time to know the guy better. The guy was also supportive. But I wanted to do love marriage, because that’s what is cool nowadays in India. So when I joined my company I met a guy of my age , really sweet. I started talking to him and he showed very much interest in me, and he knew about my marriage and all. Then I decided to say no to the first guy, but then I found out the second guy was just spending time with me so that he could have only physical relationships with no strings attached. He didn’t want me to break my marriage.

After listening to all these from the one whom I had already given my heart was really painful. I was broken, didn’t want to talk to anyone or do anything. Then the first guy came to see me and I told him everything. And you know he never judged me. Now I am happily married and can’t ask anything more. This is how you will learn your life lessons and heal.


This is a new word I learned today. Glad to know the meaning. The meaning of juxtapose is bringing two things side by side for comparison.

Well there is a very important lesson of life, you should learn, is to not compare your life with others. We all are different from each other in appearance, looks, and nature. That’s God’s creation. Don’t ever compare two lifestyles because you will always end up being disappointed and frustrated. You may find dozens of people who will be living your dream life, but never forget there are chances that you must be living someone else’s dream life.

So be grateful and happy whatever you currently have and you will see life will get better and better everyday. You won’t feel anger and won’t complain. Because gratitudes is best attitude which will get you through your journey of life.


Is being famous bad or good?

Everything in moderation is good. During my initial college days I was an ordinary girl and wanted to be one of the “Famous girls”. I thought it was cool to be famous and in future it would help me in building my career, so I started being friends with the popular girls of my batch. At first I thought they won’t interact with me, I misunderstood them as mean girls. But they were very nice and friendly.

But in college in order to be famous you need to interact with famous boys too. So I decided to hangout with them. But then my friends told me about two types of famous people, one because of good reasons and others because of bad reasons. And they explained how infamous people gets their bad reputation, rumors. That day I learned the most important lesson of my life: stay as you are, don’t try to change your nature because society demands it.

The funny part is, at the end of my college I got to know I was famous all those time for being the youngest in our batch and having helping nature. This is what moderation, don’t try too hard to achieve something, be yourself and let success come to you.


Doppelgänger doesn’t need to mean someone’s physical counterpart. It can be someone’s alter ego. If you find your alter ego then life will be smooth. I got very lucky in this case, I found my alter ego during my college days, which was the toughest time of my life. Before finding that friend, life wasn’t good. There were other friends too but sharing my problems and thoughts with them didn’t do any good to me. I felt like they couldn’t understand me properly. But my doppelgänger, she did precisely. We both were support pillars for each other. It really felt good sharing stuff with her. I got to know my thoughts were not strange, someone else was there who had similar thoughts.


The saying is old is gold. But As you will proceed in your life, sometimes you will have to start from zero. You will need to make new friends, new lifestyle. And the quicker you adapt to new things, the easier life will get. If you keep missing your old things, you won’t be able to enjoy the new beautiful things in your life.

I am not saying to eradicate old memories. Keep them but don’t allow them to take charge of your emotions. It is all about survival of the fittest, in order to survive you should always change yourself according to change in environment.