Broken- such a small word but has great impact. I hope everyone at some point of their life had experienced broken relations, broken heart or broken dream. From this you will learn how to heal, like you heal from physical injuries. Just because something is not working out that doesn’t mean your life is pathetic, that means universe has something better plan for you.

Let me share my story. After graduating from college my father found a guy and wanted me to marry him. I asked my father for 2 years time to know the guy better. The guy was also supportive. But I wanted to do love marriage, because that’s what is cool nowadays in India. So when I joined my company I met a guy of my age , really sweet. I started talking to him and he showed very much interest in me, and he knew about my marriage and all. Then I decided to say no to the first guy, but then I found out the second guy was just spending time with me so that he could have only physical relationships with no strings attached. He didn’t want me to break my marriage.

After listening to all these from the one whom I had already given my heart was really painful. I was broken, didn’t want to talk to anyone or do anything. Then the first guy came to see me and I told him everything. And you know he never judged me. Now I am happily married and can’t ask anything more. This is how you will learn your life lessons and heal.

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