Is being famous bad or good?

Everything in moderation is good. During my initial college days I was an ordinary girl and wanted to be one of the “Famous girls”. I thought it was cool to be famous and in future it would help me in building my career, so I started being friends with the popular girls of my batch. At first I thought they won’t interact with me, I misunderstood them as mean girls. But they were very nice and friendly.

But in college in order to be famous you need to interact with famous boys too. So I decided to hangout with them. But then my friends told me about two types of famous people, one because of good reasons and others because of bad reasons. And they explained how infamous people gets their bad reputation, rumors. That day I learned the most important lesson of my life: stay as you are, don’t try to change your nature because society demands it.

The funny part is, at the end of my college I got to know I was famous all those time for being the youngest in our batch and having helping nature. This is what moderation, don’t try too hard to achieve something, be yourself and let success come to you.


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