Assumptions: Bad practice

Most of the maths problems get solved by assumptions. But life’s problems are not like maths problems. In order to solve life’s problem you need to be practical. Assuming things will create misunderstanding, and we all know how that ends.

There was one guy in my office. One day he got one project, and he didn’t discuss the problem statement and approach to that problem of that project with his superior. Instead he assumed whatever his approach and understanding was of that project was correct. And he ended up ruining his career and costing the company one client.

I had one friend back in my college. He fell in love with one girl but that girl didn’t reciprocate his feelings. That led the guy to a very bad place emotionally. He was depressed for a long time. Initially we gave him our emotional supports, tried to help him to come out of that dark place. But after some days we all got really busy with our lives m, to build our career. And he took it in a very wrong way. He assumed that no one loves him, he is burden to everyone and took his life. Before assuming these things he didn’t think about his parents and siblings, who loved him unconditionally.

By assuming things not only you are risking your life but also hurting people around you. So, think twice before you assume.

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